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GC's James Mc Donald Interview With Zenger

James McDonald declares "Mob James" is no longer a part of his life.

In the early ’90s, Death Row Records had a roster that could compete with any label’s top talent, and CEO Suge Knight earned a reputation as one of the most feared men in the industry. James McDonald, then known as Mob James, was the instrument of Knight’s intimidation. McDonald served as Death Row’s muscle and Suge’s go-to-guy for years.

Knight and McDonald used “any means necessary” to get their point across to the label’s opponents. That was then and this is now. McDonald wields a starkly different kind of influence today. Through his podcast, “The Gangster Chronicles,” he draws on his experience and wisdom to steer vulnerable young men away from gangs and street life. Knowing how deeply he was affected by the absence of his biological father, McDonald strives to be a positive male role model in the lives of young men; he feels that if he can just help one individual, then his efforts have not been in vain. The podcast has a bright future: It was picked up by the Black Effect Podcast Network, a joint venture of Charlamagne Tha God and iHeartMedia to amplify black voices.

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