"The Gangster Chronicles Podcast is The First Podcast That I've Heard That Sound's And Feels Authentic To L.A. 


- Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith - CEO TDE

The Gangster Chronicles Podcast is hosted by former Mob Piru/Suge Knight henchman and biker James McDonald, Gangster Rapper MC Eiht and music insider Bigg Steele.

 "TGC" is a long form conversation with everyone from former gang members and bank robbers, to gangster rappers and psychiatrist. The Gangster Chronicles examines every facet of gang/urban culture. From the "prison industrial complex", to the impact P.T.S.D. has had on the urban community. We keep it real with no B.S.


"TGC" doesn't glorify, or sensationalize gangsterism or crime, but we do let you know where your headed if you think that these streets are a game- Prison or the cemetery. 


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